Where did we go?

Marietta, Ohio!

It was a quick trip, over on Friday and back to Indy on Monday. We wandered through Hocking Hill, down to Athens for lunch at a Wendy's, then north on 78 and down the Triple Nickle. Saturday we drove the normal roads, but around 5:00, Laura and Sara were going to head back to the hotel while Roger, Tom, and Brian decided to carve some more curves.

Whoops, Laura's car won't start. The guys came back, diagnosed a bad alternator, but none were to be had locally. Tom picked up a second battery and we limped the car back to the hotel. Only had to switch batteries once, but no lights to drive by!

So what do do? We called a local friend, Jeff Householder, who said we could keep the car at his place until Tom could get a new alternator. We babied the car down to his place in Little Hocking, then headed west to Indy.

It was an adventure.



            Five friends on a cool little drive