Where did we go?

Marietta, Ohio for Marietta Madness. Brian Liechty attended most of the MM events and was always up for returning to the area. It wasn't too formal of an event, just sharing Brian's memory and driving the roads he loved in his honor. Tristan, Brian's son, joined us with the Racing Orange (of course it's orange) 30th Anniversary ND that Brian took delivery of while in the hospital and never had a chance to drive, let alone see in person.
The advantage to these roads in Southeast Ohio is the total lack of traffic, and (mostly) smooth, wide asphalt roads. But Southeast Ohio isn’t just about the roads. The town of Marietta has many fabulous attractions, and some unique shopping and antiquing opportunities.

But, honestly? It's about the roads....


Day One - Indy to Marietta, OH. We took the backroads off of I-70 east of Zanesville to look at Big Muskie and then we drove the most famous road in Ohio, the Triple Nickle (OH555).

Day Two - Explored the roads northeast of Marietta and of course drove the Little Tail of the Dragon (OH536). We had lunch at Hannibal Locks and Dam and then some headed back to Marietta while others some drove some more!

Day Three - Marietta to Indy. We left Marietta, crossed the river into West Virginia for a bit of a shortcut to the Triple Nickel. After crossing back across the Ohio river, we headed north on OH555 and stopped for brunch at the Triple Nickel Diner in Chesterhill. At Zanesville, it was onto I-70 to home....

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