Where did we go?

This was the last route that Brian finished for us. We headed southeast, spending the first two nights in Cherokee, NC and then headed north to Benham, KY and then home.

Day One - We were pretty sure Brian was screwing with us as the route instructions directed us to drive I-75 to I-40 to Asheville, NC. We stopped and were able to convince the GPS to give us the correct directions. We made it to Cherokee on fun roads with minimal confusion ("Oops, the Wendys is the other direction.")

Day Two - We modified the route (11 hours? Brian, really?) down to nine hours. After breakfast, our route took us to the Cherohala Skyway, Foot Hills Parkway and Tail of the Dragon, then back to Cherokee. Andrew had zoom meetings and had to leave us before we did the Foothills Parkway and the Dragon. Later we got a text: "So after my meetings ended I checked how far away tail of the dragon was .... I didn't realize how close we were .... so I just went through it and back. Only added an hour twenty to the trip .... #worthit". It was a good day for all.

Day Three - After breakfast at a Waffle House (a tradition!) four cars headed north to end up in Benham, KY. Once again the route was modified (again with a super long day? What?) Sara, following her GPS instructions found a nice three mile gravel road. (Tom's instructions were different. Brian?) Nearing Benham, we were on a mountain road that was freshly paved with no lines, so "Rally Road!" became our cry! Into Benahm, KY and the Benham School House Inn for the night.

Day Four - Homeward Bound. Jon had gotten up early and did a Slayer run at sunrise, got some very cool pix! Avoiding the local Hardees, we all headed up the Dragon Slayer. Amazingly, there was a stoplight near the top...gotta love road construction! Finding an open breakfast place was a challenge but yay! Huddle Hut! Lots of fun roads to drive in Kentucky. Once again we cut the route short, but this time it was due to weather concerns as snow was in the forecast as we headed north! Sara headed west at Lexington, while everyone else headed back to Indy.

Another CLR in the books, lots of laughs, some gravel roads, and a lot of Cool Little Roads. Thanks, Brian.


Day 1 - Indy to Cherokee, NC
Day 2 - Cheraholla Skyway, TOTD loop
Day 3 - North to Benham
Day 4 - Benham to Home

GPX & pdf files

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Day 1 - Indy to Cherokee, NC (ends in Cullowhee)    GPX file    PDF file
Day 2 - Cheraholla Skyway, TOTD loop    GPX file    PDF file
Day 2 - Cheraholla Skyway, TOTD loop-Shorter edit    GPX file    PDF file
Day 3 - North to Benham    GPX file    PDF file
Day 3 - North to Benham-Shorter edit    GPX file    PDF file
Day 4 - Benham to Home    GPX file    PDF file

            Five friends on a cool little drive
            Sara J, Laura, Tom, Andrew, and Jonathan