Where did we go?


We had jokingly talked about a trip out west, each suggestion got wilder and wilder (Colorado! Then to Yellowstone! Up to Seattle! Might as well go to California! Let's go to Hawaii, too!) until Brian reined us in a bit.

He decided that we would go to Colorado and we finally agreed on a date in early June. He started the planning, contacting Miata owners about roads and studied the maps. He generously got us rooms at the Christie Lodge in Avon, CO for three nights. The following two nights were spent in Durango and Grand Junction.

There were seven cars on this adventure: Roger Burrill, Tom Lewis, Brian Liechty, Sara mcBride, Ryan Rosenegle and Andrew Zeller. We had a great trip and our adventures over those days were amazing. Mountains! A storm on Pikes Peak with thunder snow! Curvy roads everywhere! Here's a PDF that tells about our great adventure, just too many words for this web page. Grab a drink and settle back, it's 4 1/2 pages!

This trip showed why you should dream big. Thanks, Brian.


June 2 - Hays, KS via Pikes Peak to Avon, CO
June 3 - Guanella Pass, Lookout Mtn, Golden and CO6
June 4 - North Central Colorado (Winter Park, Boulder area, Loveland Pass)
June 5 - Independence Pass, Frying Pan Road, Glenwood Canyon
June 6 - Avon to Durango
June 7 - Durango, Flyin' Miata, Moab, Grand Junction Grand Junction
June 8 - Grand Junction to Lawrence

GPX & pdf files

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Note- Day 3 was changed due to road construction and traffic in Estes Park.

Day 1 - Hays, KS to Avon, CO     GPX file    PDF file
Day 2 - Independence Pass    GPX file    PDF file
Day 3 - Original Winter Park Drive    GPX file    PDF file
Day 3 - Actual Winter Park Drive    GPX file    PDF file
Day 4 - Mt. Evans and Lookout Mountain    GPX file    PDF file
Day 5 - Avon to Durango    GPX file    PDF file
Day 6 - Durango to Grand Junction    GPX file    PDF file
Day 7 - Grand Junction to Topeka    GPX file    PDF file

            Good friends on a cool colorado drive
            Ryan, Roger, Brian, Sara J, Alecia, Andrew, and Tom (and is that a great view or what?)