Where did we go?

Marietta (and more!) Our Annual trip to Southeastern Ohio has been renamed "Marietta Madness - Drive for Brian"

Day One - Indy to Marietta, OH. The Indy Miata portion of this trip started with us heading east to Columbus and then down 33 to Rockbridge and then onto twisty two-lane roads! We headed past Hocking Hills Park and then over to the Triple Nickle (OH555) which we took all the way to the Ohio River, then north to Marietta.

Day Two - Explored the roads northeast of Marietta and of course drove the Little Tail of the Dragon (OH536). We had lunch at Hannibal Locks and Dam and then headed back to Marietta for dinner. We met Debbie and Jeff Householder for dinner (great seeing them!) at the Marietta Brewing company.

Day Three - Marietta to Tazwell- CLR protion of the trip begins. Seven cars (Tom, Laura, Jonathon, Sara J, Tim and daughter Natalie, Andrew, and Jill & Aaron Workman) head south through West Virginia to meet up with Ryan. We wound our way down WV 16 past fallen trees, closed restaurants, and met up with Ryan for lunch. We drove over and under the New River Gorge bridge, were brave cats and went through Welch to see Count Guli, ran the Back of the Dragon and stayed the night in Tazwell.

Day Four - A northbound run through the BOTD and then we took the long route to Little Swizterland. After dinner at Big Lynn Lodge, four cars ran the Diamond Back and enjoyed the Blue Ridge Parkway views at sunset....

Day 5 Homeward Bound. Four cars left to head staright to Indiana, while four others said "More twisties!". Ryan, Andrew, jonathan and Sara j headed onto the Blue Ridge Parkway in the rain, but things got better as we went around Asheville. Ryan led us ontp "the Devil's Drop" which is a small switchbacky connector road to the BRP. We ran it, turned around, ran it back down and then back up. Ryan then headed bac to Charlestown, Sara J to Lawrence, but Jonathan and Andrew needed more curves. The drove Tail of the Dragon, the Snake, . It was a long day for them, they made it to Lexington and called it a day, got home on Wednesday. Sara J made it to STL where she stayed with Miata friends (Hi Steve and Kathy Crouse!) and arrived in Kansas on Wednesday.

Thanks to Ryan for the fun routes!


Day 1 & 2 - Marietta
Day 3 - West Virgina to Tazwell, NC
Day 4 - Tazwell to Little Switzerland
Day 5 - Little Switzerland to Home

GPX & pdf files coming soon

            fun people at Shady Valley
            Ryan, Laura, Aaron, Jill, Sara J, Jonathon, Andrew, Natalie, Tim, and Tom.